Sunday, June 28, 2009

Calling Monty

Calling Monty
Sordid, Seedy, Sexcapade
Peppi Turco

Here is what happens when a homophobic Bible Thumper with a bit of religious blindness, feels he’s not really alone and learns to channel spirits. The oddity here is that the dearly departed is the infamous Montgomery Clift, revealing a very humorous and somewhat seedy life long past.

A MUST for every Hollywood Homophile!

Montys Girlfriends and Montys Boyfriends and how he rationalizes the two.

Including Who Has The
Biggest And Smallest Dicks Of Hollywood!

Listen To The Included Extra’s Of
Marilyn Monroe
Judy Garland

Hear What Monty Has To Say About
Elizabeth Taylor
Frank Sinatra
Richard Burton
Sunny Clift
Lee Strassburg
Arthur Miller
Hollywood Agents
Roddy McDowell
Uncle Milty
Libby Holman

Hear Monty’s Very Own Mentions Of
Billy Holiday
Car Wreck
Florence Nightengale
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Sex With A Woman
Sodom, Gomorrah, Ancient Greece And Rome
Back Injury
Ray Buckingham( Music Lessons)
Sinatra’s “Other Family” (Mafia)
Kevin McCarthy
Roberta, Suzanne And Monty’s Nephew

People Worth Hating
John Huston,
Alfred Hitchcock

People Who Hated Me
The Duke

Monty’s Dislikes
Vanilla Sex

Monty’s Boyfriends

Monty’s Tricks
The Audience

Places Of Mention
Fire Island
New York
Off Broadway
Roosevelt Hotel

Bizarre Sexual Places
Phone Sex
West Village Tavern’s Pool Table

Monty Completely trashes the “Hollywood Studio System” 
of the era!

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Monty on Youtube

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